My First Large Scale Model

This is my build of Georges Guynemer's SPAD S.VII. I made it some years ago, and it was my very first large scale kit; 'large' scale nowadays means 1:32 or bigger. It's a Roden kit, one of the series of large scale kits they produced which kicked off the current enthusiasm for large scale in the admittedly niche field of WWI aircraft modelling. And these kits certainly gave me the push I needed to get back into making models, models of any kind. Roden have felt obliged to give up this series since the renowned Wingnuts Wings kits have appeared, which is a pity since the Roden models still stand up well, and Wingnuts Wings certainly haven't covered all possible subjects. I am going to criticise the model, but please don't think I have a downer on it. I'm still proud of it, and it was quite a success, considering it had been so long since I had done any serious modelling.

I knowingly cheated in certain regards, and one is a biggie. The biggest challenge with …

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