Marauding no more

This is a model of a Martin B-26C Marauder. Yes, it's broken. It's been languishing in a drawer for some years, I've transported it from house to house, and I can't remember when it was last on display. I made it while at school, so that makes it... very old. There's an absent propeller, which I doubt I can find, even if I still have it. But the bottom line is that the general level of deterioration makes it not worth any remedial work. Writing a post about it is a sentimental gesture, and will 'allow' me to dispose of it.

However, it's a significant kit, in the story of my model making. Here was the first time I deviated from the options in the kit, in other words, I made a model of something other than what the kit offered. It was a Frog model. Frog were a company almost as prominent as Airfix in the Sixties in the U.K. These days you can still find some of their kits on the market, under the branding of labels like Eastern Express. The molds show th…

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