Carry on Trucking

I've just had a spell of vehicle building. These are all in 1:72 scale, and destined for various dioramas or layouts. From left to right, they are: a WWI Mack AC fuel truck; a WWI FWD 3-ton truck, those two both US; a British Daimler armoured car, late WW2 & post war; and an American post war Dodge truck, 1950s but used as recently as the First Iraq War. And there's loads of international feel with this group: the kitmakers are RPM (Poland), Roden (Ukraine), Hasegawa (Japan) and Academy (South Korea).

What have I learnt... For one thing, the early vehicles of the Great War seem to have had really complicated machinery underneath. See the chain drive of the Mack truck? And the FWD truck is interesting. This was the Four Wheel Drive company which did indeed produce the first such vehicles, initially for agricultural use. I've built it as an American vehicle, but it was procured in very large numbers by the British. The fuel truck is curious, to my eyes, for having that …

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