A Tank on the Reef

This scene mesmerised me when I first saw it. Yes, as usual, click on these pictures to see them better. No, I didn't take them myself, I found them on the Modelloursworkshop site which doesn't seem to be being maintained any more. A shame, it displayed the work of some very skilled modellers - Mikl√≥s Sikora and Peter Horvath. There's more to see there, have a look.

The diorama portrays a Sherman tank rusting in the tidal shallows of a beach on the island of Saipan in the Pacific, a casualty of the island hopping campaign by the Americans in WWII. Around the base you can see a montage in the form of a film strip, of the modern day scene, with the hulk being explored and played on by divers and kids.

What's the scale? 1:35 I assume, but it's hard to be certain. For me, it's a masterpiece of resin modelling, and it opened my eyes as to what is possible in this medium. Here we have an example of modelling crossing over into art. It isn't simply 'military …

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